Lop-Sided string quartet (Sarah Claman, Maya Felixbrodt, and Laura Nygren) participated in the residency of Brian Riordan at STEIM, Amsterdam.

During some sessions, the strings would experiment and improvised with live electronics controlled by Brian himself. From that material, he released 3 albums showing different aspects of this collaboration. At the end of the residency, we performed a live concert at the series concerts “Connector” organized by Steim, and that you can listen here.

BUI – Moira

Improvised music night at Cultureel Centrum Moira, Utrecht (NL).  With Geerte de Koe (vl),  Hessel Moeselar (vla) and Annick Odom (cb) we performed an improvised set using space and movement together with sound. Great night organized by BUI.


Lop-Sided 4tet feat. Brian Riordan STEIM

On the 5th of October 2017, the string Lop-Sided 4tet (Sarah Claman, Maya Felixbrodt, and Laura Nygren) performed together with the composer Brian Riordan, for what it was the presentation of his residency in STEIM.

Ada Rave on the Saxophone and Albert H C Manders on flute also participated in the performance.


Fishy Business in Groningen


Fishy Business playing free in Atelier “Il Sole la Cantina”, Groningen (NL).

As the leader of the band, Jonathan Nagel, says:  “a night of old favorites, new favorites, non-favorites and free improvisation. We do what string players do, the cheesy stuff, the squeaky stuff, plucking, stroking, you know…fishy business.”

Listen to the overture of the concert. 21/01/2017

Jonathan Nagel – Double bass

Sarah Claman – Violin

Pau Sola – Cello



Oorsprong Curators Series

‘Promoting, feeding, challenging and questioning Improvisation Tradition by presenting monthly 3 different blind date+instant composing lineups curated by 3 different curators from movement, electronics and acoustic improvisation background. These lineups represent by definition uncompromising and ongoing social and artistic experiments’.

Organized by Raoul van der Weide, George Hadow and Lali. In Dokzaal, Amsterdam.

This was a really nice night improvising with all of the great musicians that I met there for the first time.

Mary Oliver – viola

Il Hoon Son – piano

Wilfrido Terrazas – flute

Nicolas Caiola – doublebass

Pau Sola – Cello