La verdadera esfinge es el reloj

During last spring (2018), George Hadow, Nanna Ikonen, Daniel Chagnon, and myself were working for a while in my last musical ideas. A piece where I mix my most personal interests: poetry, improvisation, rhythmic techniques from Carnatic South Indian music, and a very collaborative way of working.

The name of the piece (The true sphinx is the clock) comes from a poem by the Spanish poet Gabriel García Lorca called “ÉL”.


La verdadera esfinge

es el reloj

Edipo nacerá de una pupila.

Limita al Norte con el espejo

y al Sur con el gato.

Doña Luna es una Venus.

(Esfera sin sabor.)

Los relojes nos traen los inviernos.

(Golondrinas hieráticas

emigran el verano.)

La madrugada tiene

un pleamar de relojes.

A lot of the musical written material comes from the VI movement of the “Quatuor pour la fin du temps” by Olivier Messiaen. I use different fragments of the melody throughout all the piece.

The piece uses a Shadanga Tala as a metric cycle, as well as many different techniques derived from the Carnatic tradition.

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