Pau Sola Quintet – New recording

Thanks to Bimhuis productions, I had the opportunity to compose and record some new material for the project “La selva de los relojes” with the poetry of Federico García Lorca. I hope I can give some more news very soon!

With Björk Níelsdóttir, Marta Warelis, George Dumitriu and George Hadow. And recording with Marc Schots and Ron Ruiten.

Photos by George Dumitriu

Beethoven Festival

Togther with Oene van Geel and Setareh Nafisi, we prepared a concert improvising on melodies and structures by Beethoven for the Beethoven Festival. It was a fun concert, always on the tip of the chair, ready to act. We finished the concert with two arrangements by Oene, where the people of Pynarello joined us.

Here what Veerensmederij says about the concert: “Great Beethoven day yesterday! Wonderful kick-off with Ragazze Quartet and Joris van Rijn in Beethoven opus 132. What a great piece! Then Pynarello with songs in septet arrangement. And a great end to the day with Oene van Geel, (what the man can’t do?) Setareh Nafisi (actually the same thing) and Pau Mesafrets (that man is a cello) Never heard such a great swinging Fur Elise. And Oene had also made a few spectacular arrangements in the form of Beathoven 5 with 3 Pynarelli in a beautiful guest role. We will all continue bravely!” – Translated from Dutch by google traslate.

Photos by Stefan Forsten

Tijn and AMOK New Album

One more adventure with my good friend Tijn Wybenga. As a culmination of what it had to be a tour in the netherlands, we were planning to record a new album with the whole orchestra. The tour wasn’t possible, but fortunately we were able to play 2 concerts for the Grachtenfestival and record for a whole week at the Bimhuis. With, Pablo Rodriguez, Yanna Pelser, George Dumitriu, Pau Sola, Alessandro Fongaro, Teis Semey, Felix Back, Tom Pritchard, Federico Calcagno, Kika Sprangers, Alistair Payne, Odei Al-Magut, Jamie Peet and Angelo Boltini. Recording with Philipp ten Brink

Photos by: Melle Meivogel

Aviv Noam Quartet

I had the pleasure to play as a guest of Aviv Noam Quartet. First we recorded in Wisseloord studios, and then we could play in the Grachtenfestival. Now the album is out! Don’t doubt in listen to it, and buy a copy to support the artists. Beautiful new music.

With Aviv Noam Quartet – Aviv Noam, Guy Tristan Salomon, Louis J. Bourhis, and Federico Calcagno. And guests Omer Govreen and myself.

Here the album!

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Oorsprong – a musical walk

Erik Woltmeijer, one of the members of Waterlanders, a group that works with interdisciplinary arts in situ, putted together a group of improvisers to work on 2 locations for a musical walk.

The first one was in a “Sculptuurland” in Ederveen, where people would follow a path surrounded by the interactive music and the sculptures in the small forest (see the video below). With Ada Rave, Geerte de Koe and Javier García ana Erik.

Afterwards in the landgoed Oorsprong a new piece following a spring water, for the festival Woest en Bijster. With Ada Rave, Geerte de Koe, Floris and Erik.

Photos by Michiel van Druten

DUMItRIO SoFar soNear ep.9

DUMItRIO, a band lead by my good friend George Dumitriu, together with Mattia Magatelli and Kristijan Krajnčan recorded a track every week from the distance for the first 3 months of quarantine collaborating also with a video artist. They recorded 15 episodes of the series SoFar soNear. And I had the pleasure to collaborate with a video on the episode 9.

Don’t miss some real pearls on the series. You can see here the episode I collaborated with the video.

Unfolding Nowhere

Unfolding nowhere is a piece I developed during the Covid-19 quarantine. It started with the drawings and text, as a ritual, as a healing process, every night for a whole week. Weeks after, the music would follow. Each musical piece would be based in one of the drawings and texts. Finally, I edited a video for each piece to share it with everyone.

This piece has 5 movements and I will add one video every week (I will edit this post). If you want to listen to the whole piece straight away, or support my work, you can do it through bandcamp.

(I recomend full screen and headphones)


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