Sonce – New Album

Sonce, the project lead by Maryana Golovchenko, was recording the project Five Seasons. Together with Cengiz Arslanpay in flutes and electronics. We have been working in some old Ucrainean songs with an open and approach but keeping one feet in the tradition. We are now on the process of mixing. I hope I can present the album soon!

Collectief Imprography # 4 – Splendor

This sessions organized by Miri Lee are always something I really look forward. Putting together musicians and dancers playing and improvising in a common space. I had the pleasure to participate in session 1 and 3, here you can find it.

With Julyen Hamilton, Paolo Cingolani, Christian Guerematchi and Miri Lee on dance. Oene Van Geel /viola, Pau Sola Masafrets /cello, Setareh Nafisi /piano, Morris Kliphuis /horn and Ellen Knops on lights.

(videos recorded by a phone from the audience – A video properly recorded will come)