Collective Imprography at Cafe Belcampo

Last December I had the pleasure to be part of this event. Collectief Imprography, started by the amazing dancer Miri Lee, presented a night of dance/music improvisation.

Dance: Christian Guerematchi, Francine Marie, Miri Lee
Music: Oene Van Geel(Viola), Remco Menting(Percussion), Pau sola Masafrets(Cello)

Here you can watch a short fragment recorded and edited by Kagi.

‘Being the One Itself’ is the first piece in the ongoing series by Collectief Imprography and this title connotes the meaning of the free will of the artists to be autonomously themselves in this music and dance performance.
The three dancers invite three musicians as special guests. They work professionally in the field of jazz, contemporary chamber music and composition.
The performers focus on how to perceive the relationship between the music and the body without a predetermined path and reactivate the flow into abstract dialogues.
The audience observes how they communicate in the moment through their intuition, choices and intimate contact on the stage.
They are deeply exploring and visualizing spontaneous raw matter as an ensemble in the unknown area of creativity.

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