cellist improviser composer performer

I perform music together with others, both improvised and composed, but always with a sense of freedom and responsibility, for myself, for the music, and for the others. I understand that my body being in space is the expressive material with which I perform, using the cello as a tool.  I compose music for specific people and not for instruments, very often using poetry, other arts and music from around the world as starting points. Even though I’ve spent many years in different studies*, how I learn and develop myself the most is playing, improvising, witnessing, and sharing with as many different and diverse artists as possible.

My own project is Pau Sola Quintet, an open composition talking about the relativity of time, using poetry by Lorca, South Indian music and a lot of improvisation**. I’m also part of other stable projects*** at the border of free improvisation, contemporary jazz, contemporary classical, music theater and performance. 

*classical cello (CdBadalona 2007); graduate in composition (Esmuc, Barcelona 2012); post graduate in chamber music (Esmuc, Barcelona 2015); master in cello jazz specialized in carnatic music (CvA, Amsterdam 2019); Somatic dance practice (ELAP, Utrecht)
**this production has been possible thanks to Bimhuis productions. 
***Liquid identities, AMOK orchestra, Blink string quartet, SonCe, Baars/Dumitriu/Henneman/Sola, Classical Mechanics, Geografie Umane, Laura Polence Quartet, Ell Sol