Sonce – New Album

Sonce, the project lead by Maryana Golovchenko, was recording the project Five Seasons. Together with Cengiz Arslanpay in flutes and electronics. We have been working in some old Ucrainean songs with an open and approach but keeping one feet in the tradition. We are now on the process of mixing. I hope I can present the album soon!

Five Seasons – New project

This project was started by Maryana Golovchenko. After she contacted me, we started working mainly on traditional melodies from Ukraine -where she comes from-, related to the seasons calendar. Soon after, Cengiz Arslanpay would join us with his modular synths and countless flutes. I add my eccentric cello playing to this trio with a mix of folk and experimental music.

Here the version of Grey Geese with guest Geerte de Koe on violin. It was recorded in Grote Kerk in Den Haag. During the commemoration of the remembrance day, 4th of May.

And here a more psychedelic approach to another traditional melody

Ayman Sandok – edit
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