DUMItRIO SoFar soNear ep.9

DUMItRIO, a band lead by my good friend George Dumitriu, together with Mattia Magatelli and Kristijan Krajnčan recorded a track every week from the distance for the first 3 months of quarantine collaborating also with a video artist. They recorded 15 episodes of the series SoFar soNear. And I had the pleasure to collaborate with a video on the episode 9.

Don’t miss some real pearls on the series. You can see here the episode I collaborated with the video.

Ig, Ab, George and I – Recording

For a couple of years already, Ig and I meet from time to time just to improvise and talk about music. She used to meet with George as well – for much longer already – so the three of us started having some meetings. During these gatherings, Ab would also join some times, either with clarinet or the shakuhachi. The sound of the shakuhachi with the three strings really stroke me, so together with George, we decided to do a recording.

This picture is the day we decided to do the recording. I hope I can update you very soon with the music!!

With: Ig Henneman (viola), Ab Baars (clarinet and shakuhachi), George Dumitriu (viola and violin).