Duet Claudàtor + Henk Zwerver

6/12/16 Amsterdam

Acoustic session with the guitarist Henk Zwerver exploring small and quiet sounds, while maintaining big energy.

Sarah Claman – Violin

Henk Zwerver – Acoustic guitar

Pau Sola – Cello


Fishy Business in Groningen


Fishy Business playing free in Atelier “Il Sole la Cantina”, Groningen (NL).

As the leader of the band, Jonathan Nagel, says:  “a night of old favorites, new favorites, non-favorites and free improvisation. We do what string players do, the cheesy stuff, the squeaky stuff, plucking, stroking, you know…fishy business.”

Listen to the overture of the concert. 21/01/2017

Jonathan Nagel – Double bass

Sarah Claman – Violin

Pau Sola – Cello



Oorsprong Curators Series

‘Promoting, feeding, challenging and questioning Improvisation Tradition by presenting monthly 3 different blind date+instant composing lineups curated by 3 different curators from movement, electronics and acoustic improvisation background. These lineups represent by definition uncompromising and ongoing social and artistic experiments’.

Organized by Raoul van der Weide, George Hadow and Lali. In Dokzaal, Amsterdam.

This was a really nice night improvising with all of the great musicians that I met there for the first time.

Mary Oliver – viola

Il Hoon Son – piano

Wilfrido Terrazas – flute

Nicolas Caiola – doublebass

Pau Sola – Cello



Discordian Community Ensemble – New Release

Listen and buy the album here!

This is the fifth album of Discordian Community Ensemble, and also one of its most ambitious productions, involving 5 different compositions that intertwine free improvisation with composition (as usual with this ensemble). Each composition has been designed and conducted by a different composer, some are multimovement works, and all of them make use of different writing techniques in an attempt to arrive at a convincing mix of the undertermined with the determined.
The performers on this recording are also notable for their experience and versatility in the field of free improvisation, some coming from contemporary music, others from free jazz and avant rock.
Mixing different generations of the most active avantgarde musicians from Barcelona, this recording is an interesting view of some of the directions local underground new music is taking at this moment.


Almudena Vega: flute
Agustí Martínez: alto saxophone and clarinet
El Pricto: alto saxophone, clarinet and melodica
Luiz Rocha: bass clarinet
Iván González: trumpet
Ilona Schneider: soprano
Owen Kilfeather: tenor
Paula Pinero: percussion
Jordina Millá: piano
Diego Caicedo: electric guitar
Sarah Claman: violin
Francesc Llompart: violin
Pau Sola: cello
Àlex Reviriego: doublebass
Eduard Altaba: doublebass

All pictures by Luiz Rocha.