Tongue Trainer 2 (konnakkol)

Last year I became interested in Carnatic music, especially in Carnatic rhythm and konnakkol. In this category I will post some transcriptions of exercises and little solos that the incredible musician B.C. Manjunath shares on his Facebook profile. I’m not an expert of Carnatic music, so some of the explanations could be wrong. I will just share some transcriptions that I made for my own personal practice.

This exercise is an adaptation of another. I did an adaptation myself from Adi Tala (8/4) to Kadamba Tala (6/4) in order to practice this other exercise in Tisra.

Tala (cycle/bar): Kadamba Tala – L3 A D (3 – 1 – 2 beats = 6/4)

Gati (subdivision): Chatusra (4 matras per beat)

As the first Tongue trainer exercise I started in [1/4 note=70] and speeded up the metronome 10 points each time until I was able to do it at double the speed.



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